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Huang Bing (Approx. 1815 ¨C 1894 )
    Styling himself ¡°Yun Qu¡±, ¡°Yun Yu¡± and ¡°Yunyu¡± and titled ¡°Haiwan Junshi¡± (Lay Buddhist of the Bay), Huang Bing was one of the most influential potters in Shiwan at the end of the Qing Dynasty and he was good at birds, animals, figures, especially the sculptures of ducks, cats and monkeys. His pottery duck figurines was titled ¡°Huang Bing Duck¡±. He was the creator of the ¡°lanugo method¡± and such methods as twisting beads, insertion of eyes and painting of the eyeball in the animal sculptures. His life-like animal sculptures were exquisitely depicted and of his own style, which had produced far-reaching influences on the development of the animal sculptures in Shiwan in later generations.


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