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     Liu Chuan (1916- 2000)His another name is Liu Yongchuan and he was the Arts and Crafts Master of China. His ancestral home was in Shunde, Guangdong Province, but he was born in Shiwan. Liu Chuan was well-known for his figure sculptures and has been praised as one of the greatest masters taking over the traditions and set a new course for the future generations for his excellent works both in the forms and the spirit.
Liu Chuan was adept at summing up the experiences drawn from the ceramic art practices into the theory of art practices. He established his aesthetic principles and many of his works have already become the milestones in the ceramic art history of Shiwan. Under his strict training, Zhuang Jia, Liu Zemian and Liao Hong has been titled ¡°Arts and Crafts of China¡±.


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