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    Guangdong Shiwan Ceramics Museum was opened on October 18, 2004. The whole museum has 5 exhibition halls of Corner Displaying Ceramics, Formation Of Ceramics, Evolvement Of Kilns, Shiwan 24 Trades Of Ceramics Industry and Shiwan Ceramic Art. The  exhibition hall of¡°Corner Displaying Ceramics¡±mainly gives a brief introduction of ceramics and its distribution area in different periods of China. ¡°Formation of Ceramics Hall¡± displays the methods and details of five processes of making ceramics.This part encompasses 5 exhibition rooms- clay¡¯s mixing, clay¡¯s shaping, unfired ceramics¡¯ decorating, glazing and firing. ¡°Evolvement of Kilns Hall¡± shows the development and evolution process of China¡¯s kilns. ¡°Shiwan 24 Trades Of Ceramics Industry Hall¡±, as the key exhibition part of ceramics museum, mainly displays principal products of 24 trades of daily ceramics made in Shiwan from Ming dynasty to the period before liberation. ¡°Shiwan Figure¡± has won a wonderful reputation both at home and abroad. ¡°Shiwan Ceramic Art Hall¡± collects a great amount of ceramic art treasures,both past and present,created ceramics masters and famous experts. In addition to the five fixed exhibition halls above mentioned, our museum also sets up two thematic exhibition halls to hold short-term exhibition.


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