Guangdong Shiwan Ceramics Museum
Tao Gu Yun Tso
    The Ancient Nanfeng Kiln known as a wood-firing dragon kiln, is situated in Shiwan town Guangdong China. It was built in Ming dynasty(1506-1521)and its wood-fire has been lasted for 500 years. The kiln keeps producing in its original way all alon...[Click more]

     It was built a little later...[Click more]

    This is an old banyan tree(more than 200years old) growing on the back of the Nanfeng Kiln in spite of the high temperature. It takes its roots deep into the cracks of the rocks. For hundreds of years it has left many fine legends. It is like a hug...[Click more]

   The Lins’ Hall was built in the Ming Dynasty, which originally was a family temple of the Lins family. It was in the period of Emperor Jiaqing(1796-1820,AD.), the Qing Dynasty that the three brothers of the Lins, Lin Shaoguang(Jiaqing Bingchen Jinshi-a s...[Click more]

    A well preserved ancient village of south china architectural style in Ming and Qing dynasty. As a heritage of ancient culture, it was approved as a first class provincial key cultural relic protecting unit in 2002. Now, it turns to be the pottery studio...[Click more]

    The High Temple(The temple of north god) built in Ming dynasty, used to be a place for enshrining and worshipping Bei Di(the North God). It has a local name “Gao Miao”(The High Temple) because the area where is low, but its founda...[Click more]

Guangdong Shiwan Ceramics Museum
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