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    Ceramic art forms an integral and highly significant part of the five thousand years of Chinese civilization, and the pottery product of Foshan plays a unique role in this great history of the Motherland’s ceramic production.

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    China is an ancient state of ceramics and began to make her pottery as early as 10,000 years ago. In the middle of the Shang Dynasty, there appeared the primitive porcelain and thus, China became the first country to invent and produce porcelains in the ...[Click more]

    The making of ceramics is a perfect integration of clay, glaze and fire. The traditional techniques of ceramic making in Shiwan are roughly the same as those of other ceramic production areas, including three main working procedures which are processing ...[Click more]

    At the very beginning, man stacked the pottery on the ground for firing. In the early and middle of the Neolithic Age, the firing methods developed and there appeared the horizontal-cave kiln and upright-cave kiln which became the basic types of ancient ...[Click more]

    The pottery guilds of Shiwan came into being in the Jiajing Period of the Ming Dynasty (A.D 1522 - 1566). Guilds were organized in accordance with the categories of their products, divisions of labor and different regions. It was a form of organization t...[Click more]

    The ceramic art of Shiwan is a wonderful work of art in the traditional culture of China. The works in unique styles have been enjoyed and collected by people one generation after another, especially the pottery figurines (Gongzai Figurines) which enjoye...[Click more]

     This is a mosaic pieced together mural with ancient pottery fragments collected from the historic site of Beiqiu, Hedang , which existed more than five thousand years ago, from the site of kilns in Qishi, Xiaotang, which existed in the period of Ta...[Click more]

    Local legend said, Emperor zhu Yuanzhang(Ming dynasty) gave a promise to a old buffalo that all the buffaloes don’t need to work for human any more if he became a emperor; but Zhu Yuanzhang broke down his promise after he came into power, the buffalo sti...[Click more]

     The Ancient  pottery workshop(Liao Chang) which is a site of original pottery production. Now it was a performance platform; We can have a good observation on the whole process so as to have a rough understanding about the ancient potter...[Click more]

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