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Pottery School
    Clay is the essential raw material for forming pottery. The pottery clay comes from the clay added into pottery sand and sometimes mixed with clinkers such as grog. The mixture of clay depends on the qualities of clay selected from different regions. The tr...[Click more]

   Forming refers to processing the clay into various shapes of vessels by different methods. The main methods include hand forming (all by hands without any moulds), mould forming (with moulds), throwing (by potter’s wheel), casting, rolling (by jigger), stampin...[Click more]

    There are many methods of decoration on the pottery and piercing is one of them. When the body is moist, potter hollows out the desired patterns and designs on the pottery body with tools for decorative effects.
    Another method to deco...[Click more]
    Making figurines is popularly called pinching figurine. Making the life-like figurines slowly by hands with clay reflects that Shiwan artists are clever in mind and skilful in hand. Here, I would like to tell you a story. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the...[Click more]

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